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The key to any property or land investment is location and woodland is no exception. If you can find woodland in South East, specially within M25 at a decent price, then you are looking at a potentially viable investment. As an investment woodland is not only tangible but also provides added bonus of possible inheritance tax relief.
However, having said the above a lot of people buy woodland for leisure purposes or coming close to mother nature. Over last few years there has been a change in
the woodland market with the emergence of smaller private woodlands for sale.

These tend to be between 5 to 20 acres and are purchased buy individuals for a wide range of outdoor activities like paint balling, cycling, archery, tree climbing, camping, caravanning, woodworking, naturists etc.

Woodland is still relatively cheap, and most people look for small private woodland of around 10 acres or so. Since woodland require maintenance, this is a manageable size for the average enthusiast.



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