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Why Buy Land in UK
Return on Land Investment
The Value of Land
Land Location & Features
Farm & Agriculture Land
Brownfield Land
Greenfield Land
Greenbelt Land
Land Location & Features
The potential rise in the price of land for sale is primarily determined by its location
The land contours and the internal subdivision of plots will effect the price of land, as somebody looking to build a house will consider all these factors
Buying land for sale which lies close to a major highway connecting two neighbouring communities will significantly increase in value over time
Communities tend to grow outwards and towards each other, buying land located in the path of future expansion is considered a good investment
Similarly unused land for sale near a large city or town will be more suitable for new housing developments
People looking to build Shopping centres and offices tend to look for land near major traffic arteries with high traffic counts
For Industrial plots of land, features like rail road tracks and highways are pretty significant
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