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Investment Land for Sale
UK offers many lucrative opportunities of buying investment land.
As independent Land agents we offer a huge range of freehold
plots of Land for sale in UK.
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Land with Planning Permission for Sale
This is one of the most sought after pieces of land in UK. It is on the wish list of many Developers and Self Builders and rarely stays in the market for long.
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Off Market land for Sale
Many landowners do not like to publicly advertise their land in the market. It is kept off the market and is only sold through specialist agents like ourselves.
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Farmland for Sale
Strategically located farmland in UK has attracted many private investors. Many people are buying farmland as an alternative to investing in property, stocks and shares.
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Woodland for Sale
Woodland is not the first thing that comes to mind when considering an investment. However in recent years woodland has been opened up to the general public as a possible investment option.
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Land for Sale
UK offers many lucrative opportunities of buying investment land for sale to potential investors. landsaleuk.co.uk has a network of Land owners, agents and advisors who can offer various types of Land for sale to our clients at extremely competitive prices. As an independent Land agent in UK, we offer a huge range of freehold Land for sale from various leading sources to our customers.

The UK government has pledged to build thousands of new homes due to heavy housing demand. The South East of England and the counties surrounding London have been designated as the key housing sites by the government. Currently, UK enjoys one of the most buoyant housing markets in the whole of Europe. Also, UK has become a magnet for migrants from within the European Union, as well as globally.

As a result the prices for plots of land for sale continue to rise, and there has never been a better time to buy investment land due to its scarcity and demand. As land agents, we have handpicked a number of land sites for sale after extensive research. We offer individual freehold plots of investment land or sale which are typically located close to existing developments, hence significantly increasing the chances of gaining planning permission in due course. The investment land for sale that we have is typically suitable for investors who are looking for medium to long term investments.

We also offer a personalised service and advice to serious investors buying investment land, enabling them to acquire the best land deals throughout UK. The different types of land for sale that we offer are summarised above, however we are flexible enough to meet any specific land investment requirements that you may have.

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